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Thoughts on Gaza

Thoughts on Gaza
It has been days of watching unbelievable suffering and death of people in Gaza and Israel. We have seen bodies of children laying beside each other. We have seen people rushing into hospitals with men women and children in their arms.
I have witnessed a UN Security meeting where a Russian motion calling for a cease fire was voted down by the West.
I have been witness to our prime Minister stating Israel has our unequivocal support. Another incredibly stupid statement by our poster boy P.M.
I have heard and seen enough. Now I will think into the future, and I see Israel going down. It is going down even if it wins this war with Gaza. Israel is certainly going down if Israel loses.
In a strange way I hope that Israel undertakes its land attack on Gaza as their lunatic leader, Prime Minister Netanyahu says will happen. I say this because I fear a much far greater war. How long can Hezbollah stand aside and watch the people of Gaza be exterminated by a country they hate. If Hezbollah attacks, it is anyone’s guess of all our chances. I will not hazard a guess on that one. If Hezbollah mounts all-out attack on Israel, it becomes an existential war of survival for Israel and they do have atomic weapons and every other kind of advanced weaponry that the U.S. has been giving them. We could be into a nuclear war which means none of us survive.
So, I hope Israel initiates its ground gain quickly and I hope the Hamas forces are waiting underground to rise up and totally beat up on the Israeli so called defense forces before Hezbollah enters the war.
I hope Russia does call for a UN General Assembly where all the world gets to vote and the U.S. does not have a veto.
With a globalization of pictures of dead children piling up and incessant bombs hitting hospitals schools and mosques. And with the essentials of life being purposely cut off, I strongly believe the World has seen enough of Israel and its endless breaking of international law and Geneva conventions and ignoring resolutions for it to end the apartheid state and return the lands stolen from the Palestinians going back to May 1948 when Ben Gurion declared Israel a state.
For a short while it was working the Israelis, many holocaust survivors, settled on Palestinian land and the Palestinians in some cases helped them but did nothing more and express some ignored hostility for having to share their land. But then the Zionist theology took hold in Israel and Israelis became infused with the belief that they were the chosen ones with the right religion. They brutalized the Palestinians and herded many into this few acres of land that is Gaza. The rest is history.
With the eyes of the world on this genocide the worlds peoples are learning the history of the Palestinians, the Israelis and Zionism.
This time the world will act, and it will not be good for Israel. If Israel is not defeated it certainly will be on its knees turning to the world for help that will not come. Israeli could be sanctioned in the fashion that Russia and Cuba, just to name two, are sanctioned by the U.S. It is questionable whether the U.S. will or will not also abandon Israel.
Israeli products will disappear from the world’s shelves. Israel will be boycotted. Trade agreements will be terminated. Israel will suffer economic collapse. Israelis will suffer as the Palestinians have suffered for 75 years.
But there could be a ray of hope for the Israelis. Arab peoples are not vindicative like we people in the West. They have a history of forgiving their enemies, if they will give the Palestinians the dignity that they earned.
Israel will have to get rid of the Netanyahus’ and understand their only future is to make friends of the Palestinians. Return the stolen lands and live a better life in a much smaller but still far bigger Israel than is Gaza.
This could come about with a coup in Israel. I hope so. I believe there is a growing number of Israelis that are saying, this is insanity, and we have to stop. I hope so.
The world will be thankful and other than some possible reparations I expect we would welcome the Jewish people of Israel into the world community.
What a beautiful thought for the world. No more Israel bombing of Syria, Iran, and Lebanon. No more news stories about the suffering in Gaza. Peace.

Author: Ron Brydges

Born on Vancouver Island and raised as a child in Prince Rupert and as a teenager in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Graduated, not without struggle, from Central Collegiate High School. Got my first post graduate job at a steel and pipe mill in Regina, Returned to B.C. and worked in a fabrication shop, a consulting firm, a northern mine and then went east and lived and worked in Toronto for a machinery manufacturer. Moved to St. Catharines where i worked on contract for GM. Was discharged at 62 and took up writing. Now divorced with two daughters and four grandchildren. There was a life between these lines and some of it will come out in my blogs.