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Builders turn to Wreckers

  Nation Builders turn Nation Wreckers Canada’s Conservatives are disgusting people who cater to votes with the worst kind of populism. An example being their oft stated promise to get rid of our national broadcaster if the Conservatives get elected even though RB Bennet the Conservative Prime Minister of that time was a creator of …

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Equitable Distribution of Wealth

A Socialist Outcome If there was an equitable distribution of the wealth of this country there would be no homelessness, there would be no hunger or child poverty. All people would be educated to their level of ability and desire to learn. All Canadians could be afforded a comfortable entertaining life. The same could be …

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Israeli Genocide

Israeli Genocide   To date as a result of the Israeli war on Gaza there have been over 28000 Palestinians, 12000 of which were children, killed by the Israeli Defense Forces. There have been over 64000 Palestinians casualties this includes children with arms and legs amputated. It includes broken bodies of Palestinians pulled from the …