Month: December 2022

Personal thoughts

My Facebook exchange with Peter – I should have done better!

Face book exchange. This week I stopped into Wendy’s about 2 pm for a bite to eat as I often do. While at the checkout window I observed a thin young lady going through the outdoor garbage container obviously looking for something to eat. My thought was God what has this country come to. I …

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Canadian Generosity?

Canadian Generosity? I find it interesting that the Chinese Premier Xi-Jinping has about the same monthly salary as i do. Xi-Jinping President – China Born: 1953 China Annual: $27,972.00 Monthly: $2,331.00 Weekly: $537.92 Daily: $107.58 You may compare this with the salary of our minister Chrystia Freeland who reportedly has an annual government income of …

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Ron’s Rant – Censorship Ukraine Russia China

Ron’s Rant Its been reported that our Prime Minister Trudeau got a bit of a dressing down By Xi Jinping at the sidelines of G20 conference. Xi chastened Trudeau for allowing the private conversation they had to be fully divulged to the media. “In Canada, we believe in free and open and frank dialogue and …