Month: May 2020

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Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt Allies

In world war two Stalin, a dedicated communist, Churchill a died in the wool capitalist imperialist and Roosevelt by all appearances a social democrat and anti-imperialist, came together in an alliance to defeat the Nazis. Their differing ideologies did not stop these strong leaders from forming an alliance to defeat a common enemy. Why is …

Canadian, Economic

Don’t Ratify NAFTA 2 Agreement

Don’t Ratify NAFTA 2 Much has changed since Chrystia Freeland concluded NAFTA 2  Agreement with Trump and Mexico and our federal government would be remiss if they proceeded to ratify NAFTA2 without a full public review in light of differing economic, social and geo-political circumstances. We are in uncharted economic waters and there are many …

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Covid-19 Reshaping our World

The World will Never be the Same                                                                                May 2, 2020 The Corona Virus Covid-19 Global pandemic has now, to date, infected over three million with over two hundred thousand lost lives and fears that this number could rise into the millions. Presently countries like China, Iran, Italy, Spain France and now the United States …