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Ukraine – Reshaping the World

Ukraine – Reshaping the World The seismic ramifications of the Russian invasion of Ukraine are changing everything. It is not merely about Ukraine or Europe but extends to reshaping the International World Order, reshaping international alignments, reshaping trading arrangements, and reshaping the world into a multipolar power structure. It’s hastening the demise of the United …

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Russia Canada War – Ukraine NATO

Russia Canada War War seems to come pretty easy to this country. While most countries do not get involved in other countries wars. Canada does. Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Libya for starters. Ever since the US, with Canadian involvement, orchestrated the western sponsored illegal coup of the democratically elected president of Ukraine, Canada has …

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Do We Really Want Ukraine To Win?

Do We Really Want Ukraine to Win? Do we really want Ukraine to win? Our government surely does as they just now are sending another $100,000,000 worth of military armaments to Ukraine with another approved $400,000,000 pending. President Biden just approved another $30 billion, topping up an amount approaching $57 billion primarily for Ukrainian armaments …