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Canada’s Mistake

Let’s admit it, Canada blundered when it arrested Ms. Meng Wanzhou, Haiwei CEO, to be tried by the Americans for charges of dealing with Iran. Dealing with Iran is not illegal in Canada or anywhere outside the U.S. Having arrested Ms. Wanzhou, the government has been trying to find a face-saving way out of this …

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Old Letters to the Editor

  Hands off Venezuela    Feb. 8, 2019 The editorial “Canada has a better plan for Venezuela” asserts that we know better what is good for the Venezuela than the Venezuelans. It states Canada is committed to effect regime change by removing President Maduro. That Maduro has impoverished his country, destroyed democracy and used deadly …

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The World Cup and Russian Agression

The world cup international football championship may just be the greatest show on earth with national football teams in competition to be crowned the worlds best. The games wound up today with France winning the gold cup. All the games were staged in different cities in Russia and the FIFA president and many officials and …