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Old Letters to the Editor

  Hands off Venezuela    Feb. 8, 2019 The editorial “Canada has a better plan for Venezuela” asserts that we know better what is good for the Venezuela than the Venezuelans. It states Canada is committed to effect regime change by removing President Maduro. That Maduro has impoverished his country, destroyed democracy and used deadly …

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USMC Agreement – A Case Against Ratification

USMC Agreement – A Case against Ratification and an Alternative Strategy Ron Brydges November 2018 President Trump’s belligerent threats of withdrawal from NAFTA may have inadvertently provided Canada the opportunity to look into the future and choose a better path forward. In a changing world we may be wise to review our place in the …

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Thinking Universality – Financing and Sustaining Social Programs

It should be recognized that to deny the wealthy from financially benefiting from social programs is a mistake. Applying a means test would be bureaucratic, costly and could be unfair. If the wealthy have to contribute to something they do not benefit from they may limit or withdraw their support resulting in underfunded programs. Better …