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Tucker Carlson and Vladimir Putin

Tucker Carlson and Vladimir Putin

Tucker Calrson is a widely popular conservative media commentator. For a number of years he was the news anchor of Fox News. Long a darling of the American right he has espoused many things that I simply do not agree with, but not always.

We, on the left, should not dismiss the reporting of Conservatives out of hand. Conservatism can have more than one face and it is not to say that they are all bad. Like Carlson, there can be truths in things they report. Tucker Carlson has for some time been speaking the truth with his contrarian commentary on the Russian Ukraine war. Russian President Putin is not a mad dictator attempting to resurrect the Soviet Union with the invasion of Ukraine and Tucker Carlson with his upcoming interview of Putin will demonstrate, to all that watch, that Putin is a thoughtful, pragmatic and democratic leader of Russia.

Tucker Carlson was fired from his anchoring Fox News prime time news/commentary broadcast for truthful but incriminating information on the Ukrainian war that was getting wide attention. He had as guests left anti-war critics of American imperialism such as Max Bluementhal, Glenn Greenwald, Bernie Sanders and others with military expertise that were critical of the Wests proxy support of Ukraine.

One of the reasons for his dismissal was most certainly his critical commentary of President Zielinski and Ukraine. For this the American establishment views him as a traitor supporting the arch enemy of the United States namely Russia.

The planned Tucker Carlson interview of Vladimir Putin will get worldwide coverage. It will be especially illuminating to the likely millions of Canadian viewers who have been fed an unending dose of pro-Ukraine, anti-Russian propaganda. It comes at a time when a sizeable segment of the Canadian public is turning away from sending more money and armaments to Ukraine with an increasing recognition that Ukraine is losing and sending more money and military aid to Ukraine will only prolong the war and result in more dead Ukrainians without changing the inevitable end of a Russian victory.

The anti-war, numbers will increase on both the left and the right after the Tucker Carlson interview of Vladimir Putin.


Author: Ron Brydges

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