Letter to UN Secretary General – Gaza

Your Excellency Antonio Guterres

Dear Sir,

I am writing in response to the alarming situation of genocide unfolding before our eyes in Gaza. I wish to offer a proposal which if enacted, I believe, would bring a cessation to the genocide and the war in Gaza.

We are all witness to the mounting violence that could easily escalate into a larger war in the middle east and threaten world peace. Israel is a nuclear armed state led by an extremist right-wing leadership. If the Israeli leadership sees itself in an existential threat, which will likely happen with a widening of this war, I fear they may resort to a nuclear response which of course would be an unequivocal world disaster.

As you are fully aware the UN Security Council has held a number of sessions looking to bring about a cessation of the hostilities with cease fire resolutions. In each case they were defeated either by the exercising of vetoes or failed votes. This has caused a realization throughout the world that the UN Security Council, on the face of it, has no means of ending the genocide.

But with your suasion and the support of the greater number of countries throughout the world a means of quickly ending the war is possible. I am requesting that you issue a call upon the world community to undertake universal sanctions against Israel if they do not enact a ceasefire bringing an end to the genocide. As you are aware, Israel is a market economy dependent very much on international trade. International sanctions would destroy the Israeli war shaky economy.

It is not to say the sanctions would have to be implemented. And if it is communicated well to the Israeli population, it could generate calls for acceptance within the Israeli public realizing the consequences of refusing.

I respectively request that you give this your full consideration and ask that this proposal be shared with others within the UN organizational structure.


Ron Brydges

23 Almond Street, St. Catharines ON Canada L2T 1G1

Tel: 1-905-227-6432, E-mail:

p.s. Please accept that this letter may be shared.




Author: Ron Brydges

Born on Vancouver Island and raised as a child in Prince Rupert and as a teenager in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Graduated, not without struggle, from Central Collegiate High School. Got my first post graduate job at a steel and pipe mill in Regina, Returned to B.C. and worked in a fabrication shop, a consulting firm, a northern mine and then went east and lived and worked in Toronto for a machinery manufacturer. Moved to St. Catharines where i worked on contract for GM. Was discharged at 62 and took up writing. Now divorced with two daughters and four grandchildren. There was a life between these lines and some of it will come out in my blogs.