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I Love my Country and My Booze

I Love my Country
I have been crapping on Canada a lot recently, but I love my country. I know there is a hell of a lot of good in this country. I could make a long list but it is not what is good that needs fixing.
It is what is not good that needs fixing and in fixing you need to spell out as much as possible what’s wrong. And I truly find a lot that is wrong which I try to spell out here and, in my blog,
I also love my world and I feel that I am a citizen of the world as much as I am a citizen of Canada. And I feel good about that.


Social Commentary – Alcohol
I am hearing drinking alcohol is bad for my health. Even one drink a day.
Well, now not chewing my food is also bad for my health. So too would be eating steaks, hamburgers and bacon every day be bad for my health. I was told that smoking marijuana was bad for my health but now I learn that in many ways it can be good for my health.
So where does drinking alcohol, rye, rum, vodka, beer stand on the chart of what’s bad for our health?  Then there is the question of quantity. I can accept that drinking a bottle of vodka a day is bad for my health. But what about three regular drinks?
I would like to see the government conduct a study. I say government because I don’t want the abstinence lobby nor the breweries to undertake the study. We might learn that drinking is ok, but limits are needed.
p.s. There are those amongst us that are alcoholics and hopefully know that even that one drink can be disastrous for their health and well-being. We accept them and wish them well.


Author: Ron Brydges

Born on Vancouver Island and raised as a child in Prince Rupert and as a teenager in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Graduated, not without struggle, from Central Collegiate High School. Got my first post graduate job at a steel and pipe mill in Regina, Returned to B.C. and worked in a fabrication shop, a consulting firm, a northern mine and then went east and lived and worked in Toronto for a machinery manufacturer. Moved to St. Catharines where i worked on contract for GM. Was discharged at 62 and took up writing. Now divorced with two daughters and four grandchildren. There was a life between these lines and some of it will come out in my blogs.