Trump meets Putin

Raising and Dashing hopes
Trump and Putin met in Helsinki, Finland and raised the hopes of millions in saying that they, and their respective nations, can get along and work cooperatively for the resolution of international crisis and avoidance of the prospect of nuclear war. This meeting appeared to be a positive turning point in their relations given what I heard in the post meeting joint press conference from both Trump and Putin. Trump stated I would rather work for peace than for partisan political interests.
Then I am brought back to reality and the insanity of the North American (excluding Mexico) media and political figures crucifying, with words like betrayal and treasonous, President Trump for meeting with Putin and agreeing to work to improve Russian American relations. The American political focus was almost totally on the alleged Russian interference in the U.S. Presidential election, which whether true or not did not affect the election outcome. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the American deep state is not interested in good Russian American relations but would rather portray Russia as a threatening enemy even with a risk of war.

Further thought

Trump got it right Twice
On the RT tv’s Counterpoint program, former CIA analyst and presidential advisor, Ray McGovern speaking of Trump’s expressed desire to get on with Russia and Trump’s questioning Russia gate.                                                       McGovern stated even a broken clock gets it right twice a day.

Author: Ron Brydges

Born on Vancouver Island and raised as a child in Prince Rupert and as a teenager in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Graduated, not without struggle, from Central Collegiate High School. Got my first post graduate job at a steel and pipe mill in Regina, Returned to B.C. and worked in a fabrication shop, a consulting firm, a northern mine and then went east and lived and worked in Toronto for a machinery manufacturer. Moved to St. Catharines where i worked on contract for GM. Was discharged at 62 and took up writing. Now divorced with two daughters and four grandchildren. There was a life between these lines and some of it will come out in my blogs.

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