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Hearing TV news that Putin was elected President of Russia, a young granddaughter said that Putin is a brutal dictator. I asked, where did you get this from and received no reply.
In a Toronto Star op-ed article, Torstar contributor, Tony Burman, describes Russian President Vladimir Putin in these words “as he (Putin) gazed beyond his border this week, he must have been tickled pink. Well beyond his wildest dreams Putin saw signs that the liberal Western democracies, he loathes so much, are creeping closer to political collapse.” Burman, who would seem to have psychic abilities, cites the political angst in Britain over Brexit and in the U.S. over the government shutdown as the source of Putin’s inner feelings.
Now, I don’t know Putin’s inner thoughts any more than Burman does. But, for some time, I have observed him closely and I saw how he brought disparate countries, Turkey, Iran and Syria, together in an ongoing attempt to end the carnage of the Syrian war. I have seen how he restored his country, Russia, back to a world standing of influence and power. And, repeatedly I heard him say “he wants to work with our western partners”. Never has he used derogatory language, like our prime minister did in describing Putin as a bully.

But the real point, for me, is that this kind of unfounded characterizations explains my granddaughters belief that Putin is a brutal dictator. It exemplifies the commentary of demonization that is used to propagandize the public in the preparation of war.
Hard to imagine, or is it, that this guy was the Head of CBC News.



Author: Ron Brydges

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