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Let’s get Out of NATO!

Let’s get out of NATO                                                                                                   December 18

The North Atlantic Treaty Alliance (NATO), was formed in 1949 as an intergovernmental political and military alliance made up of 12 countries. At that time, it was created as a defensive bulwark against the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact.

Today the Soviet Union and the Warsaw pact no longer exist. The Cold war is long over and yet NATO has been enlarged to 28 member countries encircling the supposed Russian enemy, often without the support of their populations. It is no longer a defensive alliance. It is a big club in more ways than one.

NATO is a costly, bureaucratic alliance that, since the end of the cold war, no longer has a legitimate purpose. To justify its existence, it has changed it colours and serves as a U.S. controlled geo-political force. NATO is an extension of America’s militaristic foreign policy. It should not be ours.

It is, in good part, kept alive by special interests and arms industries who financially benefit from its existence. Since its inception the U.S. has been the controlling force in NATO utilizing it to fulfill their Imperialistic and hegemonic designs.

Attempting to bolster its relevance, NATO spokespersons explain the “need is for us to take a stand against Russian aggression”, citing Georgia, Ukraine (Crimea) and Syria.. This charge needs to be examined. It was the west that was the aggressor in each case just as it was in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

It is delusional to think that Russia, a country that lost 27 million people in WW2 and spends less than one tenth what NATO spends on military spending, is going to attack the west. There is no reason for any Canadian to live in fear of Russian aggression other than fears instilled by our governments and media.

Conversely, one can understand why the Russian people would fear the west with NATO forces, ignoring an international agreement, advancing to the Russian border, surrounding their country and undertaking war exercises on their border. And, with an ingrained fear resulting from the immense suffering that Russia sustained in two world wars, they are fearful.

In the case of supposed Russian aggression against Georgia, it was the western backed Georgian President Saakashvili who launched a major assault against South Ossetia and a contingent of Russian peace keeping forces. Russia interceded and defeated the Georgian military and then withdrew. There may be differences as to the cause but there is no question it was Georgia that launched a barrage.

Then there is the Ukraine where, in 2014, the west backed a bloody coup of the legally elected President and oversaw the installation of an extreme right-wing crypto fascist government that immediately announced intent to transform the country towards the west and curtail the use of the Russian language. The Russian speaking Donbass region people rejected the illegal coup and in declaring their independence were attacked by the new Kiev government. The Russians leant support to the Donbass with volunteers but never interceded. A civil war has ensued ever since and Over a 100,000 have died. Today, the Ukraine is on the edge of economic collapse.

Crimea also rejected the illegal government in Kiev and overwhelmingly voted to return to be a part of Russia avoiding a second front civil war. The west declared it a Russian annexation and placed sanctions against Russia. The West’s demand that Russia return Crimea to Ukraine is impractical as it would never have acceptance of the people.

The third justification given for the need of NATO standing up to Russia is Russia’s inferred wrongful role in Syria. But here again the Russians were legally assisting the legitimate Asaad led Syrian government in fighting in an instigated civil war against terrorists attempting to overthrow the legitimate government.

The terrorist forces such as El Nusra, ISIS and Al Kaida received finances and arms from the U.S. and the Gulf States mostly including Saudi Arabia. In the proxy war, the West and the terrorists, referred to as Daesh, both wanted regime change for different reasons. Over 200,000 have been killed and a million displaced.

In recent times NATO has been militarily engaged in unjustified most often illegal and destructive wars within the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Libya, and Mali. NATO countries are still involved with illegal bombings in Syria.

Canada was a leading participant in NATO’s destructive air campaign against Libya resulting in the killing of thousands of innocent people and the brutal murder of Muammar Gaddafi. Gaddafi was a stabilizing force in Africa, a close friend of Nelson Mandela and revered throughout much of Africa.

The NATO bombing resulted in the destruction of the most advanced country in Africa. This, in turn, led to the destabilization of much of North Africa creating thousands of additional migrants attempting to relocate in Europe. This is a tragedy of epic proportions.

The Canadian government held an all party celebration of the death of Ghadaffi.  What a bunch of fools.

Canadians do not get to vote on any of NATO’s activities. Our commitments to NATO put limits on Canadian democracy. It also influences how we are viewed throughout the world where we are increasingly seen as a military vassal of the U.S. undoing our previous internationally positive image as a peace keeping country.

Europe is grown up now. It no longer needs our financial and military resources. Canada can regain world stature by exiting NATO and joining the Non-aligned Nations. This would surely piss the Americans off but, as someone said Fuck the Americans, deal with it. The world needs real leadership now and this could be Canada’s moment.

NATO is not only a military alliance. It is also a military-political alliance which wields great, mostly negative, influence. Seldom do you see NATO countries voting against each other in the UN Security Council. Too often they were, in hidden fact, supporting ISIS and affiliates as they lined up in criticizing Russia’s legal terrorist fighting role in Syria.

After his election, President Trump demanded that each member nation pay their way and contribute 2% of its GDP to NATO or get out. Canada presently contributes just over 1% of GDP. To accede to Trumps demand Canada will have to increase our military spending to NATO by some $9 billion. Prime Minister Trudeau announced that we will be compliant with the requirement.
If the Canadian people had their say they would likely say get out.

For all the wrong reasons our Trudeau government is going to spend additional billions of tax dollars supporting NATO rather than addressing the real crisis facing the planet. It is time Canadians woke up to the truth.



Author: Ron Brydges

Born on Vancouver Island and raised as a child in Prince Rupert and as a teenager in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Graduated, not without struggle, from Central Collegiate High School. Got my first post graduate job at a steel and pipe mill in Regina, Returned to B.C. and worked in a fabrication shop, a consulting firm, a northern mine and then went east and lived and worked in Toronto for a machinery manufacturer. Moved to St. Catharines where i worked on contract for GM. Was discharged at 62 and took up writing. Now divorced with two daughters and four grandchildren. There was a life between these lines and some of it will come out in my blogs.

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